Next Lagos Governor, CODE-PP will decide it – Prince Samson tells

Next Lagos Governor, CODE-PP will decide it – Prince Samson tells

A New formidable group named CODE-PP emerges!

CODE-PP is Coalition of De-registered Political Parties, (CODE-PP
Lagos State) is the convergence of the De-registered political parties in Nigeria that advances the culture of good governance, and it is also part of our commitment to enhance, strengthen and promote
sustainable democracy and examplanary leadership in the polity of
Nigeria and Lagos state in particular. This are few insight from the
interview granted by Prince Adewale Samson, A former 2019 Ex-Gubernatorial
candidate of Lagos state he is currently the Chairman CODE-PP.

In the opinion of the chairman of De-registered Political parties, Prince Adewale Samson, said that after an overview of the political development in the country, it has become a burden on the De-registered
Political Parties and Associations to unite and intervene in the
political process to choose their leaders in the fourth coming General Elections of 2023. He said the group want to bridge the Gap and change the political narratives in Nigeria. In his words “ Spiritually Enough is enough”
that their Emergence at this time is in line with their resolve to
navigate the political direction of the good people of Nigeria and
Lagos state in particular because they have the strength to do so, and CODE-PP will produce the next Governor of Lagos State.

Next Lagos Governor, CODE-PP will decide it – Prince Samson tells

The secretary of the group, Dr. Smart Ofonyiri in his submission said
that the CODE-PP will soon announce its programmers and agenda as regards the route and path the people should follow. Meanwhile, we are
in deep consultation with various political leaders’ state holders,
associations, trade union Bodies etc., on the right best presidential
and gubernatorial candidates our teaming supporters and members should adopt and support in the 2023 general elections, to achieve our lofty

Dr Smart did not hesitate to state that people are familiar with
unfulfilled promises of the past, but all will be thrown into the
dustbin of history. We will all arise and save our dear country for
the unborn generation, God bless Nigeria, and God bless Lagos state

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